Monday, November 19, 2007

Wish We could be Sparty Poon's Luv A

Sparty Poon is no "Little Sister" when it comes to fine poon in Michigan. If Coach Dantonio would have reference the superiority of Spartan poon over Wolverine poon, his arguments would have made more sense. Sorry, we have no idea if Mike Hart has a sister either.

As it currently stands, Big Ten Poon does not have any good poon pictures from the Michgian/Ohio State game. The weather looked worse than the football played on the field. Bad weather equals bundled up pooners, which is not good for our site.

Anyway, we did locate this Sparty Poon singing a song and we just love their pooner tailgating spirit. Hell, yes we would be Sparty Poon's Luv a.


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