Friday, October 5, 2007

Party Like a Hawk Star

Iowa City is a wonderful place for poon hunting. Hot poon seems to grow on trees on that campus and the pooners flock to the Ped Mall to booze damn near every night of the week.

Due to the Hawkeyes' recent lackluster performance on the grid iron, "Partying like a Poon star" might be the only successful thing happening this fall in IC. "Party Like a Hawk Star" tailgates starts no later than 7 am on game days for early kickoffs.
Melrose Ave is heaven on earth and a Poon lover's candy land.
Knecklace Koozie, Funny T Shirt in team's colors, Great Rack, Awesome Chest: We have the making of a Hall of Fame Big 10 pooner. Did we mention sweet funbags? Poon Diggity, No Doubt.

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