Friday, September 28, 2007

Pooner Advisory Warning

Big Ten Poon needs your help. The Pooner Gauntlet has been thrown down on the web. It is time to display some Midwestern college pride to the rest of America. Big 10 country is full of crazy hot pooners who love their football and tailgating. We have seen it first hand and it is wonderful.

We know the Big 10 has more to offer than just voluptuous badger poon. 6 home games this weekend on Big Ten Campuses, GIDDY UP!

Iowa City, where you at? Champaign, holla? Gopher poon,Sup? Hoosier honeys,watcha got? Evanston, where is that foreign poon at? West Lafayette,u there? Madtown, still bringing it?

email with tips, stories, videos, and of course hot poon big ten pix.

Enjoy the weekend of football and Happy Poon hunting.

Michigan State (4-0) at Wisconsin (4-0) 3:30 PM ABC
Penn State (3-1) at Illinois (3-1) 12:00 PM Big Ten Network
Indiana (3-1) at Iowa (2-2) 12:05 PM Big Ten Network
Michigan (2-2) at Northwestern (2-2) 12:00 PM Big Ten Network
Notre Dame (0-4) at Purdue (4-0) 12:00 PM ESPN
Ohio State (4-0) at Minnesota (1-3) 8:00 PM ESPN2


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